2015: (Left to right): Michael Lewandowski, Janet Epstein, Mary Lou Durham, Carole VanderWal, Greg Jones


Tantsova Grupa (Bulgarian for "dance group") is a Nashville-based musical ensemble created in 2009 to accompany the Nashville International Folk Dancers. The band's repertoire includes village dances from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Armenia, Russia, Hungary, France and Israel. Current musicians are Mary Lou Durham, fiddle; Janet Epstein, recorders; Greg Jones, guitar; Michael Lewandowski, mandolin; and Carole VanderWal, clarinet. Other members of Tantsova Grupa have included Noa Ben-Amotz, Nermin Begovic, Bart Elliott, Tim Murphy, and Billy Ramirez. For more information, contact Janet at Depst98336@aol.com or 615 297-2546.

Click to see video and hear Tantsova Grupa in performance


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